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Feng Shui refers to wind and water flow. It is becoming the norm for creating the optimalliving and working environment. There has been a long history of Feng Shui, a traditional Chinese investigation of the wild and constructed environment. This may be at the workplace, home, or wherever one wishes to feel at ease. Feng Shui studies the relationship between a structure and its immediate surroundings, as well as the people who inhabit it (Chen &Nakama, 2004). Changes may be done to better one's interaction with the surroundings around an individual based on these ideas. Prosperity, good health, and happiness are among the outcomes. Feng Shui may enhance the lives of those living on the property if performed correctly. Feng Shui aims to harmonize your environment, interior and external design, and the movement of energy within a structure into a single entity.

Natural landforms and neighbouring structures are the most significant factors in a home's Feng Shui. One should avoid giving up if he or she encounters obstacles in the surrounding area, such as dangerous landforms like sharp rocks and high cliffs or other frightening constructions like enormous power generators or a highway running directly at home. One may imagine that to adjust the exterior environment's Feng Shui, he or she has to move the landforms, alter the flow of a river, or convince the city to change its traffic layouts. The natural world uses the Creative and Destructive Cycles to maintain equilibrium (Chen &Nakama, 2004). The Creative Cycle is a two-stage process. 

Water, for example is important in Feng Shui and symbolizes wealth among other things. Because one element may outpower another, the Destructive Cycle sequence is different.  Fire, for example, maybe "doused" by water.

MasterHo, Home Feng shui service is to provide you and your family a Positive and Harmony home environment by attracting & positive energy. Feng shui energy is invisible that you can’t see but it does exist.It consists of positive and negative sectors. The objective is to enhance the positives and dilute the negatives for each individual sector & correct any bad effects caused by structural flaws. Thereby improving family’s Health, Wealth, Safety, Harmony, Study, Career, Business progress, income and other worthwhile objectives.

We provide


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  • 3 Room HDB$1288
  • 4 Room HDB $1688
  • 5 Room HDB $2388
  • Executive Apartment $2888
  • Executive Maisonette $3288


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  • Studio / 2 Bedroom $2088
  • 3 Bedroom$2388
  • 4 Bedroom $2888
  • 5 Bedroom $3288
  • Penthouse $3888

Landed Property

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  • 1 Storey $2388
  • 2 Storey $3388
  • 3 Storeys$,6888

*Feng Shui Audit service includes: 2 site visit, auspicious dates for renovations& shift-in. A customised feng shui report will be within 5 to 7 business days.

1st Day

During 1st Feng Shui appointment, Master Ho will personally visit the property to assess & examine the exterior of the property & existing interior layout

2nd Day

During 2nd Feng Shui appointment, Master Ho will go through with you very thoroughly on the Feng Shui analysis report of the property what’s Do‘s&Don’ts and other renovation considerations, all recommendations will be prepared in a report format which you get to keep.

Residential Feng Shui services comprise of the following: -

  • Feng Shui design floor plan 
  • Selection of auspicious date renovation (Include hacking the floor to start work)
  • Selection of auspicious date to move in
  • Check on the house luck for Wealth & Health
  • Activate (生气)Wealth Position
  • Activate Benefactor Position (贵人位)to attracts benefactors
  • Activate Business Horse & Bank (禄马位)for Bread Winner to attract business
  • Eliminate Inauspicious position that impacts career, health and wealth           (戊己煞)
  • Use 8 formular method(八煞水法)to avoid bad sector to harm anyone in the house
  • Provide 2 Empower Chinese coins to put into the money bank by Master Ho for blessing good wealth


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