About us

Do you ever feel distracted, agitated or restless when you walk into your space? Perhaps you catch yourself wishing to feel calm and energized instead? You notice your mind is racing with a million thoughts and all you hope for is peace to wash over you.

Most of all, you wish for balance.

At Qi Form Metaphysic, our goal is to help you improve and organize your space using the principles and teachings of Feng Shui. Guided by the elements and principles of Feng Shui, we work to create a space that harnesses positivity and opens a pathway for energy to flow freely in your home. This connection between space and self will welcome good luck into your life and allow for an overall improvement on your mind, body and soul.

With over 25 years of experience, Master Ho founded Qi Form Metaphysic to empower individuals to establish harmony between themselves and their environment. He works closely with clients to identify their areas of need and helps them transform their lives. Master Ho believes mindfulness and wellness are vital for an individual’s success. He is committed to working with each client to nourish a harmonic balance between themselves and their prospective space.

If you are looking to welcome peace and tranquility in your home, Master Ho offers consultations and guides that can help you take the first step. Feng Shui audits are available for private houses, executive spaces, condos and HBD flats. If you are hoping to learn about Feng Shui, Master Ho offers sessions on the teachings and principles of the practice.

Qi Form Metaphysic